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Use Sports-Tracker.com API with PowerShell

Since the whole ‘COVID-era’, I, like most of us IT-folk, work a lot more from home and only go to the office 1 or 2 days a week. When working from home I usually go to the gym around the end of the morning. It is around 4.8 kilometer from my house and I try to go by bicycle whenever I can (I am Dutch after all), so I do my warmup on the go. And when I say bicycle, I mean my old 90’s Trek Mountainbike which may or may not fall apart while riding it.

Old mountainbike

Why do I go to the gym at all? A bit of discipline, a bit of staying in shape, a bit of self-confidence. For every bike-ride over there I turn on the Sports-Tracker app to log the distance and time it takes. Looking at the results I was wondering how many kilometers I have done these last three years. Now of course I can use the app or the website for that, but where is the fun in that if I might be able to do it through an API.

This blog will describe how I found out how the API works an how you can grab the data from PowerShell.

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