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While the current RES ONE Workspace management console is very feature rich, there is always room for improvement. There is often a task that you might want to automate or at the very least make it a bit easier. Now my fellow RES aficionado Chris Twiest (@TwiestChris) did exactly that. He had a solid business case for a couple of RES ONE Workspace related tasks, automated them and bundled them into a neat and easy to understand toolkit. Read on for all the tasks that are included in this toolkit (and for the download link of course).

Feature list
Export to CSV
Export all your applications settings to a ‘Comma-Separated Values’-file for archiving, documenting, sharing or backup purposes.

Building Block Backup
Export your entire RES ONE Workspace to a Building Block (also for archiving, documenting, sharing or backup purposes). It will create a Building Block for each configuration item and present them to you as a ZIP-file. The cool part of this feature is that the toolkit can create a scheduled task for the export. So with this in place, you can always go back to the settings of the day before when you have messed something up (which everyone does from time to time).

Building Block Restore
Restore the Building Blocks you created with the backup feature. You can use the entire ZIP-file or a specific XML-file.

Reset Management Portal
When you use the new Management Portal, you might change the settings in such a way that you lock yourself out of the portal. This function can reset the Management Portal to the ‘default’-settings.

Console Lockout
For when you have excluded yourself from all the Administrative Roles while setting these up. This task will start the RES ONE Workspace console in lockout mode. You will need the credentials for the database to regain access.

Migrate Profile
When you are migrating to a new RES ONE Workspace environment you might want to import the old profile settings. This task will make it a whole lot easier for you to do this.

So that’s it for now. If you can think of any nice additions to this great toolkit, be sure to spam Chris Twiest about it.

Download page

Workspace Toolkit instruction video


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