About site

Why this page?

This site was previously called IT Store Guru. It’s main focus was to share knowledge and resources for Ivanti Identity Director (previously called RES IT Store and RES ONE Service Store). Identity Director is a highly customizable enterprise app store (or self-service IT portal, take your pick) that’s easy to use and manage. While using the proven automation software Ivanti Automation as a backend, it’s able automate various common IT tasks on a 24/7 basis which in turn diminishes the response time and increases user productivity. The user on- and offboarding usage with the product has become one of its key selling points.

The versatility of Identity Director is highly dependant on the creativity and skill of the administrator(s). Luckily Identity Director services can be exported and used in other Identity Director environments. This website will provide various pre-made Identity Director services along with the instructions to implement them.

However, since you need to work with the product (which, sadly I don’t at the moment) to get inspiration for new ideas, this site slowly changed to a more general blog site for automation and virtual desktop related posts. After a while I felt it was time do ditch the IT Store Guru name and just use my own name as it’s title.
I still think Identity Director is a great product that can really increase productivity for your users and present IT as a service instead of making it the company road block.

I am not employed by Ivanti. This site also not endorsed by Ivanti. It’s goal is to share various automation related knowledge with other IT professionals.